Today we shall discuss two of the popular handheld vacuum cleaners available in the market; Black and Decker and Dyson. Both do a great job of a quick suction and clean, right before a dinner party and are easy on the handle. Each of these cordless cleaner brands however have their pros and cons and here is a quick rundown on what we like or maybe do not like in each of these.


In terms of looks, a Dyson vacuum cleaner is an owners’ pride, with cordless models featuring swashbuckling new age looks and special technology. Most Dyson brands have motors that spin faster than most other handheld variants and higher end variants use a unique technology aptly termed ‘cyclone technology’ to suck in debris.

Fantastic for collecting allergens, the Dyson easily vacuums up anything from pet hair to cookie bits from crevices. The canister is transparent and of adequate size, allowing you to see how much it has filled, with a quick one press button that lets you empty into the trash.

Top of the range at prices ranging between $160 $200, the a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner is not cheap, but looks and feels worth every cent of its price.

Black & Decker

A close competitor to Dyson in the handheld vacuum cleaner is Black and Decker, with a huge range of handheld vacuums that can cater to light, medium and heavy cleaning requirements.

Ease of use and handling are key qualities here and a buyer is spoilt for choice. These vacuum cleaners also sport transparent bag-free canisters, similar to Dyson. A differentiation in these vacuums is a filter ‘refresh’ knob in higher end variants that cleans the filter periodically and boosts the suction of the machine.

The filtration in their vacuums are good with an advertised ‘3-stage filtration system’ in special models. Other special features in these handhelds include a dedicated pet hair cleaning attachment and a charge indicator.

Most of these vacuums are competitively priced, with prices ranging from as low as $40 to $120, and well worth the money.

A quick comparison between Dyson and Black & Decker:

a) Battery Run Time

Dyson – Dyson vacuum cleaners have longer battery life with most models having a continuous 20 minute performance without charge, the Dyson is definitely superior when it comes to battery life. The recharge is also fairly quick with recharge time as low as three and half to four hours to completely recharge the battery.

Black and Decker battery takes much longer to recharge, nearly 21 hours and high end models can probably do 16 minutes on the run. Adequate for most homes, and compares well when you look at price.

b) Performance

  • Dyson – With models such as V6 featuring HEPA filtration and capability to suck bacteria and other allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns, Dyson handheld vacuums are definitely up on cleaning potential.
  • Black & Decker – In spite of having some special cleaning attachments, overall suction and filtration of the Black and Decker falls a bit short. However, their motors in handhelds are powerful and does comprehensive cleaning of practically any surface.

c) Canister

Both vacuums have transparent canisters, but Black & Decker vacuums have larger tank capacities compared to Dyson’s range of handheld models.

d) Ease of Handling and Maneuverability

Most Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners range between 3 and 4 pounds and makes for reasonably easy handling, with a simple trigger type switch.

Black & Decker’s handhelds are definitely simpler in terms of targeting difficult corners and ease of use. However, the higher end model with a four-foot hose can be a little tricky to carry about.

e) Value for Money

At nearly half the cost of Dyson, Black and Decker comes out at the top in terms of value for money. With a battery life at a third or fourth of Dysons and a relatively decent filtration system that is just a notch below, these moderate range of prices for various handhelds, is worth considering in terms of value vs cost.

Make your pick based on your individual requirements such as the size of your home, whether you have a pet, ages of your children and how often you entertain. Both brands come with warranty, are great buys in the handheld segment and good possessions for your home.

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