To be or not to be. This age long debate also applies to the use of canister versus upright vacuum. It is best that you learn what works best and stick to it. A lot of things like the mobility of the vacuum cleaner, how much storage space it requires, how much power it has, and the effect it has on the wood floor, if any, should be put into consideration. To decide on the best of both vacuums to use if you need to achieve cleanliness of your wood floor, these are the factors you have to consider:


How easy it will be for you to transport a vacuum should matter since you will have the need to move around the house as you clean your floor. With the canister vacuum designed for transportation, it beats the upright, which happens to be a bit more heavy to carry, especially if you will need to take it upstairs. There is a snag, though, canister vacuums do not navigate quite easily if you use it in a crowded room since you will have to drag it behind you. You need to make a choice based on your home settings and what works best for you.


When you are done cleaning, the next thing that comes to mind is storing the vacuum cleaner. In that regards, the canister vacuum tops the upright by taking up much less space. How much space you decide to allocate for your cleaner will determine the choice you make.


An upright vacuum cleaner comes with more power than its canister counterpart. This explains the weight and size of the upright. However, by trading power for space, you lose the ability to effectively clean up the floor. This trade off between power and space is one which you must weigh very carefully in order to determine what will work best for you.


Before you think to settle for an upright because of the power it comes with, you need to consider this. Upright vacuums come with a beater bar that may severely damage your wood floor as it beats against it while in use. Some of them come with a switch with which you can put if off if you so desire. Being human though, you can never be too careful with ensuring it is always off while in use. This issue of beating against the wood floor is a serious flaw to ponder on.

As fascinating as it is to have lots of power at your disposal, the chance that the beater bar of an upright will damage your wood floor is quite frightening. Combine it with its heaviness and a need to take up more storage space in your home, then the canister vacuum edges the upright. It makes more sense to go with the canister cleaner since you still get to clean your floor properly without carrying a lot of weight around.

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