Ways to Get Motivated and Clean a Dirty Floor

Dirty Wooden FloorThere are very few things worse in the developed world than cleaning a dirty floor. Whether you’re just moving into a newly purchased home that needs some tidying up before it’s ready to be fully inhabited or you just happen to be one of those people who up and decided to have the full family package of kids, dogs, and whatever else goes with that – those dirty floors just keep coming back for more. More cleaning, that is.

And while the developed world has come up with nifty appliances to help with all sorts of household chores and even do some of those in our stead, humanity has yet to reach its pinnacle by coming up with an appliance that isn’t super expensive and actually keeps the floors clean without much effort on our part.

There are various techniques that are recommended for cleaning and maintaining different flooring materials, there aren’t any that will magically clean the floors all on their own. So, as we wait for AI and robotics to progress just enough to create the one appliance to rule all appliances, let’s run through all of the interesting ways that people have been able to concoct to at least motivate them to clean a filthy floor.

Don’t Procrastinate

In the case of dirty floors, procrastination not only puts off the job, but makes it worse. That’s the darndest thing about floors – they keep getting dirty. And the longer we put it off, the dirtier they get. And the dirtier they get, the more motivation and effort we’ll need to clean them. It’s an infinite loop that leads us right back to cleaning every time.

Proper Planning

Knowing when things need to be done and having a plan on how they’ll be carried out is motivation in and of itself. Humans are creatures of habit and we like the comfort of knowing. Planning also allows us to mentally prepare and be in the right mindset for a task. That being said, evening cleaning is not a great idea. Even when we know ahead of time what needs to be done, we tend to have a full day behind us and getting motivated to do anything can be a burden.

Setting aside a specific time for cleaning is the best way to get motivated and by any measure the most important one. If you have a floor that needs some heavy-duty cleaning, it’s okay to leave it for next week. But just this one time and provided there is a specific time and day allocated for the task next week. Then get to it and don’t quit until you’re done.

Get The Proper Tools

We’ve all heard of retail therapy but seldom do we consider its motivational power on all of the tedious tasks that need to be done around the house. Like all retail therapy, it tends to work, at least to a certain extent. Set forth into the colorful cleaning product aisle at your store of choice and be sure to get everything you really need.

In today’s day and age, there’s such a slew of practical choices for cleaning every type, size and shape of floor that learning about all of them and experimenting a little will be motivating. We’ve run into some new tools and cleaning products that have literally had us rushing home to try them.

Turn The Task Into a Party

Not a full out party, of course, because that would just leave us with more floors to clean. But nothing makes for better motivation than sharing a tough task or at least that time with someone else. Ask a couple of close friends to come over and help. In a few days, you can return the favor and help them out with something around their homes.

More often than not, they don’t even need to help. Sometimes just brewing a cup of coffee or cracking open a bottle of wine and sharing it with friends while they keep you company as your cleaning that dirty floor makes the time fly by and the task less tedious. Sure, it would be rude to do housework with just any guests over, but if you specifically ask your close friends to keep you motivated during the mind-numbing task of cleaning a dirty floor, they’re bound to come to the rescue. Those floors will be clean in no time or after about two bottles of Chardonnay.

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