Do you need a vacuum strong enough to pick up large chunks of dirt, even from within the cracks, but gentle enough to use on your wood floors? Are you tired of noisy, heavy, traditional vacuum cleaners, changing dusty, dirty bags and tripping over cumbersome power cords?

If you are at all like me, I was fed-up lugging around a heavy vacuum, from floor to floor, room to room, looking for a new power outlet each time. And, of course, many of us have had unpleasant, frustrating experiences with weak, ineffective hand-held vacuums, whose batteries give out before the job is done. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then keep reading. I have found the perfect product for you.

Individual Needs

If you are anything like me, you have children, a spouse and maybe even pets to clean up after. Kids and dogs can drag all kinds of dirt through the house. Food crumbs end up all over the place, dog hair falls all over the floors and furniture, and can get trapped under sofas, refrigerators and in corners.

Anyone who owns a pet is probably familiar with that famous tumbleweed-style fur ball that rolls across the floor from some mysterious, unknown hiding place. As an extremely busy person, I have often struggled to find a quick, effective way to clean my floors. Nothing seemed to get the job done to my liking.

Weary of Using Just Anything

Are there oodles of vacuums on the market, all saying they’re the best? Of course. It’s an overwhelming and confusing experience, shopping for the right one.

We want something that proves effective and powerful enough to clean thick carpet, but safe, light and gentle enough to use on our fragile, expensive wood floors.

Keeping these criteria in mind, I have ultimately found the last vacuum I will probably ever buy! I trust it to keep my family healthy, my house clean, my wood floors scratch-free and to make my busy life easier! Drum roll, please…

The Dyson V8 Absolute: An Absolute Dream!

With its modern, sleek design, the Dyson V8 Absolute is probably one of the most attractive vacuums on the market. Considered a cordless, stick vacuum (not an upright), it is light (less than 6 lbs.), easy to hold and maneuver, and is equipped with the following:-a 40-minute suction time-a 0.14 gallon dust cup-a digital motor-an easy-dump trap door-upholstery tool-a soft, nonabrasive, safe brush -easy conversion to a hand-held vacuum-hygeniec HEPA filter that captures allergens-a great warranty-and did I mention that it was extremely quiet?


This vacuum is widely available for purchase. You can shop directly from the Dyson website, or opt for other sites such as This product is also sold in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Costco and Home Depot.

The cost is well worth the investment and is a small price to pay for an excellent, high quality hardwood vacuum, sure to meet all of your needs and surpass your expectations. On that final note, I am off to do a little vacuuming! Happy cleaning! Be sure to share your product impressions and similar experiences with our readers.

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