How to Prevent Footprints on Laminate Floors

Let’s face it, Laminate floors are notorious for getting dirtied with footprints and smudges. Some people resist this by having a no shoes rule in their homes, or they vigorously and continuously clean their floors.

But, how do you actually prevent footprints on your Laminate floor? You’re in luck, because here are some answers.

One of the problems with laminate wood floors is that they initially do a very good job of preventing footprints, but after time and time again of cleaning, the original finish protecting your floor is eroded away.

Preventing footprints starts with cleaning properly to prevent the problem from ever beginning. Popular cleaners like Swiffer wetjets are reported to do damage to the finish due to the solution they use, as well as most soapy products. The problem with these ordinary cleaners is that they leave a film on top of the laminate that allows for the floor to become smudged or scuffed and that also slowly wears away at the laminate, weakening it and allowing it to smudge more and more.

The most common and most successful cleaning solution is fairly simple, just a mix of half Vinegar, half water mopped over the floor. There will be some initial smell from the vinegar, but once it is dried there will be a clean floor with a nice shine to it and no film of residue from cleaning left over. There are also products designed specifically for cleaning Laminate floors, the most reputable brands being Armstrong or Bruce Hardwood and Laminate cleaners.

Preventing footprints relies heavily on proper cleaning, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. Small dings or scratches on a laminate floor can slowly cause widespread damage to the entire floor, even if they may seem small and insignificant. The best thing to do when you notice a scratch or ding in your laminate is to immediately repair them.

This may sound complicated, but there is an easy method to quickly fixing small imperfections. Simply take a picture of your floor, or if you have a small bit of it that is free, take these with you to a home improvement or flooring store in your area. Once there, someone should be able to direct you to some laminate floor fillers. These come in tubes for squeezing out liquid laminate that will then harden.

The method here if you intend to patch your floor is to clean it using one of our previously mentioned methods and then fill the scratch or ding with the laminate filler.

You’ll want to use just a drop or so of the filler, and then proceed to use a knife or other object to slowly smooth the filler out as it begins to dry, and once it’s in the process of drying, simply push the putty down to fill in the impurity.

If you follow these methods you should never have to see another footprint on your floor. It takes some work, but if you’re like me and seeing smudges and footprints drives you mad, it is definitely worth it.

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