Do you know that hardwood floors have gained popularity in the 21st century and are in high demand? Well, many homeowners have opted for hardwood for their homes. As a result, hardwood cleaning tools have experienced a growing trend because of the importance of cleaning for a wood floor.

There are many resources available today that help you to find that vacuum you’re looking for, but what you’ll learn in this guide is that just picking a good canister vacuum is not the same as picking the right one for your hardwood floor. You will also learn what factors to watch out for, as well as how to find one without spending more than you have to and regretting your decision afterwards.

Actually, there are different models and styles that work great for hardwood flooring. However, new models pop up almost every month, thus making it difficult for you to identify the best canister to use in cleaning your floor. In fact, selecting the perfect vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor can be very tedious and a complicated chore.

Canister vacuum on wood floor surface

However, you don’t have to panic because you are about to learn the features to look for to make a better informed decision.

In fact, the easiest way to differentiate the best canister from the rest in the market is through a clear understanding of features that make a particular vacuum a good choice.

Additionally, you should appreciate the fact that canister vacuums available in the market nowadays are manufactured differently in terms of purpose and quality.

Avoid wasting your precious time and money researching the wrong type of vacuums. What you should understand is that most of the highly rated canister vacuums have attained their great ratings from the fact that they perform great work as a general purpose vacuum. You need to focus on the features that make them great for the type of floor you want to clean.

Features to Help You Make Your Choice

Sometimes product descriptions are not clear. This makes it hard for you to identify the best vacuum. However, the following features will help you out:

  • A rubber stripe padding – This is a very important feature in ensuring that the vacuum doesn’t accidentally scratch your floor.
  • Lack of Rotator/beater brushes – Check the vacuum head properly to ensure that there no rotator brushes. Normally, they are covered with the use of thick bristles. A vacuum containing these brushes is meant to improve the cleaning of wool rugs fibers. However, on hardwood, the beater brushes will cause unnecessary damage.
  • Sturdy Suction Power – A sturdy suction is very important not only in cleaning carpets but also for hardwood. This is due to the fact that dust particles can get trapped in cracks. But, the sturdy suction power helps in eliminating them.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Hardwood floors are very delicate and require a cleaner that is lightweight and preferably compact in design. These two make it easier for you to maneuver as you clean the floor, reducing and alleviating the risk of accidental scratches.

Bottom Line

The use of hardwood canister vacuums is on the increase. Identifying the best one for cleaning your a hardwood floor, however, is tedious and complicated. However, there are features that can guide you in making the right selection. Essentially, if you choose a canister vacuum not designed for wood floors, you risk damaging your floor.

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