Whether you have just moved house, refurbished, bought a new kitten, home cleanliness has never mattered more. It could mean everything between an extended life or a life of hospital visits, a house you enjoy coming to, or a dreaded den of suffering. It is said cleanliness is second to godliness. Don’t we agree more?

For a house to become a home, before a new furniture is brought in, or that lovely pet, you deal with the environment. Cleanliness takes the first position among equals. That’s why you would not want to gamble with the appliance that will keep your house impeccable: the handheld vacuum cleaner. From the house to the garage, to the car, this gadget’s importance cannot be underrated.

What Makes a Handheld Vacuum Powerful?

There are many reasons why one would choose one vacuum cleaner over another. Here is a breakdown list for your shopping

1. Suction power

Because you will be dealing with different sizes of debris in the house and the car, it is paramount to be aware of how good a cleaner can collect debris on the different surfaces. From spilled coffee to cereals to the pet’s fur to grit to dust. Tank capacity is also to be considered too in it, The nozzle should also be long enough to reach to all areas, especially in the car, and under seats.

2. Size and weight

Handheld cleaners come in different sizes and consequently different weights. You would be choosing a one-hand operated cleaner than a two-hand one. You could find fun in work if you did not need to use much of your muscle in it. Versatility is a key element in appliances use.

3. Ease of use and controls

These cleaners come in a variety of make and functionality. They are corded or cordless, electric or battery powered. While a corded cleaner can work well in the kitchen where you do not stretch far from the electrical socket, the same may be inconvenient if you had to work in different rooms. Buttons should also be easily reached with the thumb or any finger in use. Battery-powered cleaners should last long enough before a recharge.

4. Accessories

This is one of the primary considerations that needs to be put in place. As you will be working with different surfaces, you will need different brushes. If you are working on the carpet and at the same on time hardwood floors to pick up fur, you should consider one that features controls for the brush, one that can be switched on and off.

5. Filter

Today most clients are health conscious and would want to avoid asthmatic attacks and allergic reactions from allergens and dust mites. Vacuums should feature HEPA certified filters. Health is paramount, the same reason you want to clean, anyway.

6. Price

Some vacuum cleaners will cost almost double price to their competitors. You should be careful to avoid the trap of thinking that quality means higher price as that could lead to regret later. Consider wholesomely what the purpose is and te other considerations as you select. You may find a bargain price for the exact cleaner if you pay attention to budget and invest a little time to check through the varieties.

The Best Choices

In the view of the above guidelines, the following cleaners will serve you well:

  • Black&Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX.
  • Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless
  • Eureka Easy Clean Corded
  • Bisell1985 Multi Corded
  • DirtTamer Supreme V20 Cordless


Shopping for a handheld vacuum has never been easier. It is a myth that getting one is hard work. You can have the best without doubt of under-performance or compromised quality.

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